Episode 60

Published on:

6th Aug 2020

Episode 60: Artichokes, .net, Tasting Science, Parent teachers, Shopping cart handle weapons, Tomatoes

School is starting earlier, and that's not cool. Artichokes are hard to cook, and hard to eat. All animal skin tastes good. Maybe even Brett cracklings. Anyone who uses .net is not to be trusted. We're going to take Lang Ice international. Careless scientists discovered saccharin, and Brian's killing himself with barrel aged alcohol. Parents have to teach their kids, Brian made a shopping cart handle into a weapon, and tomatoes are tasty.

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Two long-time friends discuss everything with wit, humor, and a whole bunch of smartness.
Urinal etiquette. The best ice. And the decreasing quality of french fries. Brett and Brian have been friends for more than 30 years. Listen in as they discuss pop culture, movies, music, their own personal quirks, and their unique perspective on daily life. You'll wonder how you managed without them.

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