Episode 58

Published on:

30th Jul 2020

Episode 58: Rabies, Johnny Depp, Clown Kidnapping, Unsolved Mysteries (again), Talking to yourself, The Savage

Brett saw a raccoon eating garbage during the day, and the guys were scared of rabies when they were kids. A race horse was sent to a pet food factory in Japan. Horses have too much muscle to taste good. Is Johnny Depp becoming Jack Sparrow? 21 Jumpstreet taught Brian that cheese has a lot of protein. A clown tried to kidnap Brett when he was a kid. Brian felt unwanted by kidnappers. Robert Stack’s voice is awesome. Crime Junkies isn’t original reporting, but it’s still good. Brett talks to himself a lot. Brian worked with a guy who talked to himself in the bathroom stall, and also had a mystery poop leaver called The Savage

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