Episode 54

Published on:

16th Jul 2020

Episode 54: Cheap good beer, Coin shortage, Carpeted bathrooms, Brownies, Cicadas, Supermarket Sweep, Macho Man

Not all cheap beers are gross. Why is there a coin shortage, or is it a conspiracy? Strip clubs needs Coinstar machines, and Demi Moore’s bathroom is carpeted (not a euphemism!). Spongy toilet seats are gross, but custom-fit ones would be awesome. Special K with red berries used to have raspberries, Brett made brownies. Brett’s Summer list still has a ways to go, cicadas are wonderful, and Supermarket Sweep is on Netflix. So is Jeopardy, and the guys want to know if they’ve become smarter. Macho Man gives great interviews, but tons of wrestlers are dead! 

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Urinal etiquette. The best ice. And the decreasing quality of french fries. Brett and Brian have been friends for more than 30 years. Listen in as they discuss pop culture, movies, music, their own personal quirks, and their unique perspective on daily life. You'll wonder how you managed without them.

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