Episode 41

Published on:

18th May 2020

Episode 41: Grocery store rage, Back to the Future, White Chocolate sucks, Wite Out, The Monkees, Dean Cameron, Fasting benefits, Cost/benefit analysis

An old guy cut in front of Brett at the grocery store, Back to the Future is greatness, Indiana Jones has some scary parts, and the mid 80s were a great time for movies. Wite Out sales are surging, don’t forget about Mike Nesmith’s mom, and 14-year-old Brett was obsessed with Ami Dolenz. Dean Cameron should be a star. Fasting has unknown benefits in addition to losing weight, Brian lives by cost-benefit analysis, but Brett needs to understand it better. Scotch has alcohol in it, and Brett’s kids stay up too late. Oh, you should watch Summer School!

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