Episode 28

Published on:

2nd Apr 2020

Episode 28: New house tribulations, generic labels, cereal appreciation, birth order madness, eating alone isn’t scary

Brett’s first night in the new house brings some challenges, toilet seats are like pot luck meals, Brian feels guilt about fried onions, Brene Brown makes Brett think, generic labels have disappeared, eating dry oatmeal is difficult, cereal is good, birth order is craziness, and Brian used to be scared to eat alone. 

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Two long-time friends discuss everything with wit, humor, and a whole bunch of smartness.
Urinal etiquette. The best ice. And the decreasing quality of french fries. Brett and Brian have been friends for more than 30 years. Listen in as they discuss pop culture, movies, music, their own personal quirks, and their unique perspective on daily life. You'll wonder how you managed without them.

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