Episode 12

Published on:

6th Feb 2020

Episode 12: Stolen cars, Organ transplants, Brian’s nightmares, tornadoes, L. Ron Hubbard, grapes

Bicyclists need to learn the rules of the road, Brett got rear-ended by a stolen car, organ transplant waitlists shouldn't exist, Brian has frequent nightmares, the guys want to go storm chasing. Why didn't Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen last? Brett ate raw garlic one time in high school. Brett and Brian recount the time they lost their car in Boston.

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Two long-time friends discuss everything with wit, humor, and a whole bunch of smartness.
Urinal etiquette. The best ice. And the decreasing quality of french fries. Brett and Brian have been friends for more than 30 years. Listen in as they discuss pop culture, movies, music, their own personal quirks, and their unique perspective on daily life. You'll wonder how you managed without them.

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